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The Biggest Health Trends Right Now 2019

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There are always new health trends that make their way into out consciousness every year. There is a always a new supers food or new fad. We’ll look at the 3 of the current trends doing the rounds right now.

Article 1: Top 100 Health Trends in March


This is a rather interesting article listing the current top 100 trends. For obvious reasons there is plenty of trends involving cannabis and AI. Go figure…. I’m not going to list them all here but here’s a sample:

  • Budget Friendly Meal Boxes
  • Wellness Centric Plant Shops
  • LED Anti- Aging Solutions
  • Luxury Pre-Rolled Joints
  • Hydration-Reminding Water Bottles
  • Sleep-Aiding Cannabis Pens

Article 2: 7 Healthy Travel Trends To Watch In 2019

Now this is more broad and is about travel, but non the less is is about healthy travel trends. I don’t know about you but everytime I travel I tend to get less healthy. I eat too much, drink too much, and don’t do much exercise. I’m always telling myself it’s fine…..I’m on holidays!

This list is:


Article 3: The Truth About All the Health and Wellness Trends You’ve Been Hearing About


Jade Rollers……? I never knew that they trended…..come to think of it I don’t even know what they are. in any case this article discusses some of the current trends. Keto gets a mention, ACV (apple cider vinegar), activated charcoal and even an oldie but a goodie…epsom salts.

There seems to be a new health and wellness trend every single day. Celery juice is currently having its moment, and jade rollers certainly had theirs. It’s easy to spend a fortune on every single product that influencers post about, because, look at them! Look at their life! It looks so healthy and perfect!

Here’s a little info you probably already know: nothing is quite as it seems. Yes, sure, there are things regarding health and fitness that are just true. Drinking water and moving your body is good for you. But what about everything else?

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