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Puratae: On a Mission to Help Others With Healthy Living

Our New Sponsor – Puratae: The Nutrition Company On a Mission to Help Others

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With all the controversy as to of the superfood trend is actually health or provides any kind of nutrition at all, this is a good story about a superfood business doing something good!

When the founders of Pūratae decided to start a company, they knew they wanted to focus on giving back. They’ve spent their lifetimes in the health and wellness industry, and they have a strong passion for leading others to discover their best health—but they knew they also […]

Feeding Hungry Communities

“There are so many children in need throughout the world and millions of school-aged children attending classes while hungry every day. That number is really staggering to hear,” said Heather Holker, CEO and Co-Founder of Pūratae. “We felt we could really make a difference by multiplying our giving with every purchase—and so create an absolute wave of good that could be done in the world.”

That’s why the company is providing 10 meals to children in need with every purchase of their Pure Superblend.

Superfood Blends

Pūratae (from the Latin term “Pure, Balanced Life”) has worked for years to create one of the world’s most complete blends of superfoods available today: A supplement that is designed to be taken first in the morning and provides over 14 supplements in one serving and not only provides your essential vitamins and minerals, but also support a healthy gut. It will increase and stabilize the natural energy of the body with green superfoods for cellular nourishment and cell protection, and 10 grams of plant and vegetable based protein to stabilize the blood sugar and maintain lean mass.

As a creator of our own superfood blend, we understand how much time an effort goes into creating a quality products. 

Pūratae currently has a giving outreach in 20 countries—and is feeding over 1,000 children a day! Their goal is to feed children throughout the world in every country. “Every child deserves to have enough food to eat, to thrive, and be their best. We’re just excited to be a part of helping these precious children in need. One child at a time, no one gets left behind.

This kind of charity is why businesses like this do what they do. It’s about really helping people and communities. It’s disappointing when they are criticised for being proactive and actually making a difference. It not alway about profit!

Working With The Best

Working alongside top formulators throughout the world they created a unique blend of pure superfoods that has everything the body needs to bring balance and stability. “When you balance the body it doesn’t crave. It loses inflammation, stored toxins and weight. You have lasting sustained energy and great mental clarity. A balanced body simply functions optimally in all areas.”

Equivalent of 12 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables in Every Serving

With the 15% discount for GNN customers using the code GNN, a bag of Superblend which gives you a one-month supply of nutrition will cost $74.80 (less than a cup of coffee, it comes out to $2.50 per day).

While the superblend is maybe a little more expensive than most, you can be assured that a least part of your purchase is going toward those in more need than yourself!

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