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What Is Jicama? Is It The Next Trending Superfood?

Jicama the Next “It” Superfood – How to Use it Like a Pro

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I have to admit, until today I had no idea what Jicama was. I found this article from about the growth in Jicama. It’s been named as on this years 8 hottest foods. Is is tasty or good for you? Read more below.

SAN DIEGO, California – Enjoying the amazing health benefits of jicama is so simple with the delicious line of products from Xica Brands . Rich in Vitamin C and gut-boosting, prebiotic fiber, this grain-free, high carb superfood is the perfect addition to any Paleo, Whole30 or low-sugar diet. Xica […]

Jicama is the next “it” veggie, named one of this year’s 8 hottest healthy food and beverage trends. A Mexican yam bean that looks like a cross between a potato and a beet, jicama features a creamy white flesh and mildly sweet, crisp texture (similar to an apple). This powerhouse vegetable’s high inulin content promotes bone health and protects against osteoporosis, with plenty of vitamins to boost immunity while improving overall digestion.

Crowd-pleasing Xica jicama adds a rich depth of flavor to any meal and is compatible with gluten-free, vegan and most other diets. Low in calories and sugar, it’s the perfect choice for diabetics, athletes, kids, and anyone looking for nutritious snack options that curb cravings without raising glucose levels. Visit to find healthy recipe ideas and learn more about the full range of Xica products. Discover Xica ready-to-eat snacks and raw jicama at your nearest retailer, and visit the website for innovatively packaged bulk foodservice products designed with food safety and waste management in mind.

Jicama – One Of 8 Hot Superfood Trends

You can check out the article on the 8 hottest foods below:

“The 8 Hottest Healthy Food and Beverage Trends for 2019.”

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