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What should my BMI be?

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One of the most commonly used measures for determining a healthy weight in Australia is the body mass index. The BMI is a metric that is now widely used by health practitioners and sporting bodies to provide a proven method of determining a health level of body fat, which can then be correlated with weight.

Who Invented BMI?

BMI has been used for well over 100 years, with the core purpose being to determine if someone if overweight or underweight. It’s not considered fool proof and does have some problems, such as not measuring overall fat or muscle tissue.

Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet, a Belgium mathematician and astronomer invented BMI in the 1830s.

How To Calculate BMI – Formula

The formula to calculate body mass index is:

Body Mass Index = weight (kg) / height ²

Therefore a persons weight divide by their height squared equals their BMI.

What Is A Healthy BMI?

There are varying opinions on what is a healthy body mass index, and may also vary between men, women and children.

However it is widely accepted around the world that the following criteria be followed:

  • A BMI of 18.49 or below means a person is underweight
  • A BMI of 18.5 to 24.99 means they are of normal weight
  • A BMI of 25 to 29.99 means they are overweight
  • A BMI of 30 or more means they are obese


Measure Your Body Mass Index

Below you can use our calculator to measure your body mass index.

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Links To BMI Calculators In Australia

Following the links below you can find a number of body mass index calculators you can use:

Reverse BMI Calculator

Sometimes you may want to work out what is the ideal weight for you to achieve the body mass index you desire. In this case you would want to use the reverse calculator. You simply add in your height, and your target body mass index, and the calculator will generate the weight you should be aiming for.

You can find a reverse calculator here.

Understanding The Index:

Below you can view a video that explain the metric and index in more detail:

What should my BMI be for my age?

Age is not a factor when measuring your body mass index. The value only includes weight and height.

How can I calculate my BMI?

You can measure your body mass index by using this formula: BMI = weight (kg) / height ²

What weight should I be to have a BMI of 30?

You can use a reverse calculator to determine what weight you should be to have a specific body mass index number.

Is a BMI calculator accurate?

Yes the calculator is accurate. However the metric is not for everyone and does not take into account some factors such as hip and waist measurements, proportion or distribution of fat, muscle mass, and some other factors that are difficult to measure.

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